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I am Licensed Professional Counselor that specializes in working with individuals, couples and families that have experienced trauma, anxiety and depression. In my work with couples, I help them find better strategies to work through their conflict, strengthen their communication and increase their intimacy.  Using a strengths-based, systemic approach, allows me to help my clients discover their superpowers where they can use these tools to get through difficult times.

I provide supervision for clinicians looking to enhance their clinical career and get hours towards their supervision. My goal is to help clinicians find their voice and strengthen their educational and intuitive skills. By providing extensive resources and experience, future therapists become well-rounded and culturally competent.

With my cultural trainings, I explore how culture both on a micro and macro scale, influence individuals and systems. The trainings help companies create a safe and inclusive work environment for their employees. Through an extensive needs assesment, companies are provided with an individualized program that fits their needs.



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